A Little Pricing

    Price From £45
    MR & MRS From £75

  A bespoke visit will be far more personal and magical, with the flexibility to meet MR& MRS Santaclaus that fits in with your schedule. 

    Santa will appear at your front door or party, to the sound of Rudolph’s sleigh bells and bring the traditional warmth and spirit of Christmas into your home.

    Santaclaus can then read and tell a Christmas story and before going on his merry way he wil

      l lead the gathering with a rendition of your favourite Christmas song. You are more than welcome to take as many PHOTOS OR VIDEOS

          throughout the visit, which means that all those magic moments will be captured forever.

 Book your  MR & MRS SANTA CLAUS now:  07957330939

       Bookings.  geoffhunter@icloud.com

So why not get together with friends or another family and share the visit? A visit from Santa would make an ideal Day.

For photo shoots,and Christmas Day Santa visits please contact us.

        Please email: geoffhunter@icloud.com

        OR call Santa’s hotline on 07957330939 and if  it's busy leave a message and we get back to you in the next 12 hours.

                                                                         MR & MRS  Santa Claus will always make time for you HOHOHO.